The 6 Principles Leadership Clinic and Team Building Event

Discover the leadership clinic and team building event that secures success for new teams and transforms low performing teams into excellent ones

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Effective leaders know how to engage team members to work  productively by leveraging beneficial behavior to achieve goals that drive results. The 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams leadership clinic and team building event takes a principle-based behavior approach to team development and incorporates a powerful system that accelerates positive team and business outcomes.

Forming a team is not enough

To arrive at optimal results you also need:

  • proven methods so people work well together
  • an effective, reliable system that team members support
  • the necessary system that leads to success every time you launch a new team or want to improve an existing one

When you know the secrets to igniting stronger team commitment, you will bring about behavior that minimizes conflict and maximizes success, cooperation, and accountability.

That’s what The 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams  team building event and clinic is all about. You will:

  • Discover how to build clear and more successful team outcomes.
  • Learn how to optimize team commitment and engagement for productive results.
  • Leverage team decisions to forge a more cooperative, synergistic team so your team’s deployment is on target or ahead of schedule.
  • Eliminate stress and frustration on teams by learning to build agreements that help people collaborate to achieve mission-perfect results.

And much more!

Group dynamic researchers report that new teams have a 50-50 chance of succeeding (maybe less) — until team behavior and team process is optimized.

Study after study shows that effective leaders who know how to ignite employee commitment for cooperative team behavior and accountability for clear team outcomes consistently beat these odds. This doesn’t happen by chance.

Eliminate stress and frustration on teams by learning to build team endorsed agreements that help people collaborate to achieve mission-perfect results.

Our research proves that team success is most favorably impacted by six principles that forge  quality-focused, productive and cooperative behavior. These principles forge improved relationships and work connections that reduce chaos to drive successful team project results.

The six principles are:

  • Trust,
  • Interdependence,
  • Genuineness,
  • Empathy,
  • Risk, and
  • Success (TIGERS®).

These principles are measurable in team behavior and predict and prescribe valuable team building interventions and training that will transform a low performing team into an excellent one.

Experience a robust team building system while we demonstrate the steps and processes required to build and sustain highly effective teams capable of delivering successful results.


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Who Will Benefit

The 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams clinic is appropriate for

  • Directors,
  • Project Managers,
  • Team Leaders,
  • HR Executives,
  • Training Executives,
  • Planners and Operations Professionals who benefit from high performance team outcomes.

The 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams clinic helps team leaders and human resource professionals improve team performance by:

  • Applying TIGERS’ unique experiential approach to learning the behaviors that build strong teams and behaviors that cause predictable problems so your team members can identify their most powerful group norms for achieving exceptional results.
  • Understanding how team behavior when coupled with goals and role assignments can reduce project implementation time, costs and the time new teams spends in confusion and conflict.
  • Utilizing 360-degree feedback to identify team strengths to leverage just in time team interventions and training to improve performance and talent retention.
  • Creating a case study focused, action-oriented cross-functional team plan that facilitates goal setting and follow through so you can apply what you have learned with your own team.
  • Learning how to apply your team’s identified norms to forge better team relationships and workforce connections.

Featuring a fresh, data-driven and systematic approach to team development, the 6 Principles That Build High Performance Teams Clinic is based on validated research and proven methods that make good common sense to team members so team leadership management and team deployment are easier and drive successful results.

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